Early Readers

cover of Fangs and Me by Rachna Gilmore

Fangs and Me

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1999; 54 pages
A First Flight Chapter Book
Trade Paperback: $6.95; ISBN: 1-55041-512-3

(Illustration © Gordon Sauvé)

When her best friend next-door moves away, Maisie is lost and lonely. How will she make new friends? She knows other kids, but she’s painfully shy. How can she possibly go up to them and start talking? Maisie’s only friend now, is a beautiful spider, Fangs. But when the new family moves in next door, Maisie’s life suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated. Buddy is her age, but he is a bully. How will Maisie deal with Buddy? How will she and Fangs survive the summer? Will Maisie find new friends?

Fangs and Me: Teachers’ Guide

Awards & Honours

  • Canadian Children’s Book Centre Choice 1999


“...Rachna Gilmore succeeds in creating a believable tale... handles her characters with deftness and creates a plot line that will be interesting to young readers.”

Canadian Children’s Literature, No. 98 Vol 26:2 1

“Gilmore has created two well-rounded characters in Maisie and Buddy. She helps readers see that easy solutions are not always the best.”

City Parent, June 1999

“The style of this book is perfect for children in Grades 2 through 4. The dialogue and expressions are natural and honest with just the right touch of humour. Masie is a model of independence and self-awareness, and her gentle and thoughtful nature make her a very endearing narrator -- she thinks, acts and speaks as a typical 9-year-old. A fine book...belongs in every library collection.”

Canadian Book Review Annual

cover of Ellen’s Terrible TV Troubles by Rachna Gilmore

Ellen’s Terrible TV Troubles

Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1999
A First Flight Book, Level 3; 40 pages
Hardcover: $12.95; ISBN: 1-55041-525-5
Trade Paperback: $5.95; ISBN: 1-55041-527-1

(Illustration © John Mardon)

When Ellen’s TV suddenly stops working one Saturday morning, Ellen is furious. With all her might, she wishes for it to work again. Sometimes, wishes do come true and Ellen’s TV starts once more. But with a difference! Are characters really coming into her living room? How will she ever get them back into the box? Ellen is more than up to any challenge.

Ellen’s Terrible TV Troubles: Teachers’ Guide