Author Visits

Rachna Gilmore has given innumerable readings and writing workshops for children and adults in schools, libraries and conferences across Canada.

An experienced and skilled presenter, she has toured the Yukon, B.C. Interior, Manitoba and Alberta for Canadian Children’s Book Week, mentored students through WIER (Writer in Electronic Residence) as well as given extensive writing workshops through the Ontario Arts Council’s Artists in Education Program.

Some of the conferences at which she has presented include the Ottawa International Writers Festival, the Fun of Reading Conference, SCBWI Canada’s Annual Conference, the Northrop Frye Literary Festival, Kaleidoscope 7, the L. M. Montgomery Conference.

Rachna Gilmore reading at the Governor’s Mansion, Madison, Wisconsin

Reading at the Governor’s Mansion, Madison, Wisconsin

Rachna’s goal during an author visit is to share her enthusiasm and passion for the written word, to educate and entertain, as well as to help open a world of possibilities for children and teachers by helping them tap into their own wells of creativity. Her presentations are clear and insightful and help to demystify the process of writing as well as to spark and nourish a love of reading and writing.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations. You are a consummate professional presenter. The children were enthralled and so was I. I especially enjoyed watching the diversity of your presentations. Very impressive!”

Susan Townley, Children’s Programmer, Ottawa Public Library, 2007

“Rachna Gilmore was a wonderful presenter. She held the attention of each and every child during her hour long author visit at Crestwood School. She went over the many steps involved in the creation of a book which was so interesting. She was warm and patient with the children, encouraged their questions and responded enthusiastically to their comments. A thoroughly delightful author visit!”

Lynda Paterson, Assistant Librarian, Crestwood School, Toronto

“Your words of wisdom and wonderful guidance has enlightened the students...had a profound effect...and has served to boost their confidence in all areas of language arts, particularly in writing. Again, thank you for coming to share your knowledge with us. It was a privilege to have you share your craft with us!”

Teacher, Janet Kaplan of Vancouver

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45-60 minutes, Grades 1-8 (Max.80 students)

The content of readings varies with the age of the audience and with teachers’ requests. Readings include a sharing of stories, as well as personal anecdotes about the ideas and inspirations that triggered them. For older grades, some basic aspects of the writing process are covered. Messy first drafts are often shown so children can relate their own efforts to the process.

Writing Workshops For Children:

2 hours or 1/2 school day, Grades 5 and up (Max. 1 class)

Writing workshops cover the basics of writing fiction, such as the shape of a story, plot, creating believable characters, the emotional arc of a story, how to use sensory detail, and “show don't tell.” Students have the opportunity to write, and if time permits, to exchange feedback. This workshop is also a useful vehicle for teachers to learn how to teach creative writing.

Writing Workshops For Adults:

2-3 hours

A workshop for adults to help them connect with the emotional inner life of a child in order to create meaningful and believable children's stories.

“Rachna was incredibly well prepared, experienced and extremely generous with her time and also frank which is extremely important. A great teacher and writer. Honestly, I don’t see how she could have been more helpful except if the workshop was two days instead of one.”

Participant at a one-day Quebec Writers' Federation Workshop

“I found the workshop extremely inspiring. I learned more about storytelling with you than I have in the couple of fiction courses I've taken at Concordia (those were year long courses!). I’ve still been talking to friends about little tidbits from the workshop...

“Thank you so much for your time, energy, passion and creativity. We need more instructors like you out there.”

Participant at a one day Quebec Writers’ Federation Workshop

Workshops for Teachers:

1 hour

This workshop for teachers covers an introduction to some of Rachna’s books along with specific suggestions on classroom use, including general themes and curriculum connections, as well as innovative and creative classroom activities. Teachers may request books for specific grade levels.

“Participants were extremely satisfied with your presentations. They felt that they included a lot of wonderful ideas that they could bring back to their classrooms.”

Springboards 2006- 32nd Annual English Language Arts Conference;
sponsored by the Quebec Association of Teachers of English in Quebec


Presentations vary with the needs and requests of the conferences.

For Subsidised Visits:

  • Rachna is on The Canada Council Readings List, which pays for a limited number of public readings and covers the travel costs of the author.

    For more info:
    The Canada Council
    Literary Readings, Literary Festivals and Author Residencies

    Telephone: 1-800-263-5588 (toll-free)

  • Rachna is a member of The Writers’ Union of Canada and eligible for The Writers’ Union of Canada Reading Programs, which subsidises the costs of readings in Ontario schools. Public readings across Canada are also subsidised.